Sunday, February 24, 2013

"The Gravity of Reality"

Some say I speak from a realm of fantasy..dropping unreal visions of my life instead of reality..they say my sights are in the clouds, instead of firmly planted on the ground..Do they even realize beneith my feet the earth is trembling..uneven pathways cracked by deceit leave me riding the clouds, embracing their moisturizing..Im able to collect my thoughts that rain down in showers of ink on lines never ending, pages of myself Im reclaiming..fertilizing the well of my pen..I cultivate my experiences, plowing myself within..You see Im in these clouds regaining me..creating a cushion, telescoping my souls reality..biographing yearnings to feel a real life of gravity..

2013 All Rights Reserved
By: LyricalLisa7

Untitled 42

I feel my mind spinning see this turbulence of emotions involving your skin..the person you are within..Fuck, I just want to run to you and never look back, is that a sin..

i feel a certain pain with the bliss of your stain on my thoughts..on the verge of losing my self control.. eyeing your pictures like a kid in a candy store.. your touch I implore..

I want to syncronize my breath with yours..Inhaling you wholey through my skin..exhaling you never, cause inside you make me warmer and construct bridges..

Its like you've covered me, a blacke-out of true colors drenching me in the masterpiece that we will be..painting my emotions for you, my audience in the dreamz of my destiny..

I want to be the reason you say you know I be your IV..pumping you full of a love that that re-ups on a daily..your mouth to mouth resuscitaion feeding you my last breath, your life support forever im conceiving..

Incubating my desires, I carress these thoughts of my longings to be with you..eminent births of freshness now brews..Nurturing tendencies take over my view..I want to cradle our love atop this rock of strength you ensue.. I just got to get to you..

2013 All Rights Reserved
By: LyricalLisa7

Untitled 41

Untitled 40

Untitled 39

I find myself falling..
fishing for your essence in every morsel of air that I breathe..
Flying to catch the bait of realness you bring..
an inflamed fidelity burns, leaving plumes of your pungence in all I see..
Expressing a longing to swim through your sea of relief..

Blue skies race to red..
intensities of truths in your eyes Ive been fed..
A new found light now hanging overhead..
like a thoroughbred..
Im anxious to get to this finish line to which Ive been led..

A hair trigger birthed by your tone
fiery tones scorching my bones..
Into all my thoughts you have been sewn..
oxygen rich tendencies carry me to the destiny fairytales told..
Circulating around my heart, pressure paroled..

2013 All Rights Reserved
By: LyricalLisa7

Untitled 38

Dreams of laying you down atop a cloud of softness fit for a king.. My goal, to relax your soul inside this daily retreat.. Keeping you upright on mother earth, even when you're weak.. Begining with the strength found in your feet.. Light kisses to to the soles of your thoughts each night before you sleep.. Caressing platforms of guidance, a new light so you can see..

Calves of cramps disappear.. Fingertips and palms steer away the stress that you feel.. My warm breath landing upon your ear.. Whispers of truth dissipating fears.. A foundation of trust, overflowing a fountain of real.. Pour youself a glass of this quinching ive mixed for you my dear..

2013 All Rights Reserved
By: LyricalLisa7


Untitled 37

Untitled 36

Untitled 35

I wish I could rightfully express the deepness of feelings for which you hold.. Pictures and words are mearly a small capture of happiness, profound visions of a real touch will be exposed.. A burning flame has been ignited within my soul, a warmth that covers all the cold.. Remaining at the back of my neck goosebumps, I fold.. Longing to embrace your skin and every cell that creates the being of your mold.. I want to take your hand, even though its far away, the strength of your grip I would grasp tightly till we are old.. I want you to be my life retold..

2013 All Rights Reserved
By: LyricalLisa7